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The programme is composed of a set of modules developed in order to simulate and analyze the performance of structures made of concrete reinforced by reinforcing elements such as pre-stressed steel or rebar. I.D. S. SMITH is a three-dimensional program for the analysis of structures with a variable degree of immersion. The code allows the representation of a large variety of cross sections of all types of structures, with variable degrees of complexity and porosity. II. D. GERFALI is a three-dimensional program for the analysis of structures with a variable degree of immersion, equipped with a module dedicated to the simulation of the operation of artificial reefs (including coral reefs).Perceived work-family conflict, coping with work-family conflict, and caregiving consequences: A serial mediation model. The objective of this study is to examine the association among work-family conflict, coping with work-family conflict, and caregiver's psychological and physical health. Cross-sectional data were drawn from the Health and Retirement Study of 1,813 caregivers. Serial mediation model with a latent variable was used to examine the data. Results revealed that the indirect effects of work-family conflict on caregiver's physical health and psychological health were mediated by caregiver's coping strategies. The result suggests that work-family conflict may lead to a range of adverse consequences, which can be partially ameliorated by the way in which the caregiver responds.Wasei The Wasei () was a derogatory term used by the German Löwenburgau (folk) people, derisively describing them as being "more German than a German", i.e., of more German descent than their actual German ancestors. It is in reference to the Germanic people who settled in the Wasei Land, namely the southern part of today's northern Israel, during the 2nd and 1st centuries BC. The term was a second-generation epithet that was used by the inhabitants of the Löwenburg ("Lion Mountains") to designate people of German origin living in Wasei Land. The term has come down to modern Israel's Jewish and Arab inhabitants, who have used it to refer to their gentile neighbours, who they describe as "more German than a German". The Wasei are usually considered a subgroup of the Löwenburgau people. The word has also been applied to the modern Israeli minority of Judeo-Spanish (Moroccan) Jews




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Plaxis 3d Foundation 2.2 Crack 13 (2022)
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